Cobb County P.A.R.K.S. Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Registration fees are 100% refundable when the department cancels the activity. A participant wishing to withdraw from a class that has not been cancelled by the department must provide a request at least seven days before the scheduled start of the class. They may receive 100% credit to the family’s account or may request a refund. Within the week prior to the scheduled start of a class refund/credits will not be given except for verified medical/hardship cases. Refunds for payment made by cash or check will be received approximately 2-4 weeks after the refund is requested.  Senior Services Special Events and Trips are non-refundable.

CivicRec: New Registration System Implementation

Due to Cobb County’s transition to a new registration system, CivicRec, Winter class registrations will be suspended starting December 15th and will restart on January 2nd. If you are already registered for a Winter class or register before December 15th, no further action is needed to start your class. Beginning December 27th a link will be available on the parks home page ( to log into CivicRec using your email address that was used in the previous registration system. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. We look forward to seeing you this winter! For more information click here.

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Pottery for Youth

Clay 101 Fun (age 5-7)
Come play in the clay and learn all about its properties. We will learn handbuilding techniques while making fun projects. 8 weeks.
14767 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 3:30-4:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 84.00 Non-Resident 109.00 Supply Fee 23.00

Clay 102 Fun (age 8-12)
Learn to refine your handbuilding skills in this hands on, fun class. We will pinch, coil, slab and extrude while we make our clay projects. 8 weeks.
14768 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 4:45-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 95.00 Non-Resident 120.00 Supply Fee 20.00

Clay Creations: Intro to Clay! (age 7-11)
In this intro into clay class your young artist will learn basic skills to create animals, decorative pieces, garden objects and more! Clay is a great way to develop cognitive and manipulative skills in young hands. 8 weeks.
14769 Wednesdays January 17-March 7 3:30-4:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 85.00 Non-Resident 110.00 Supply Fee 19.00

Clay Experience (age 4-6)
Come and join us as we create a one of a kind clay project in two weeks!
In this hand-build ceramics workshop students will experience clay through making a project taught by the teacher. Students will either use slab, pinch or coil rolling skills. Basic techniques will be used to build simple yet fun art pieces. Dress to get messy. 2 weeks.
14770 Thursdays January 25-Feb 1  3:00-4:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 20.00 Non-Resident 40.00 Supply Fee 8.00

Wild on the Wheel (age 9-15)
Children will explore the exciting experience of throwing on the wheel. Students are required to bring a towel to each class. 8 weeks. Taught by Darra Jannuzzo.
14819 Wednesdays January 17-March 7 5:00-6:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 90.00 Non-Resident 115.00 Supply Fee 25.00

Mommy & Me Clay Play (age 3-5)
Following the Instructor’s step-by-step instruction, you and your child will learn how fun it is to play in clay. Each project will be glazed, fired and ready to pick up 2-3 weeks after class. 1 day.
14789 Saturday February 3 11:00am-12:00pm
14790 Saturday February 17 11:00am-12:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 18.00 Non-Resident 36.00 Supply Fee: 4.00


Drama for Youth

Creative Dramatics (age 4-9)
Creative Dramatics is an intensive drama class that approaches the fundamentals of drama in a unique and creative way. The last class will serve as a demonstration for friends and family. 8 weeks. Taught by Beth Anderson.
14772 Saturdays January 20-March 10 10:00-11:00am (age 4-6)
14773 Saturdays January 20-March 10 11:00-12:00pm (age 7-9)
Class Fee: Resident 75.00 Non-Resident 100.00

Young Actors Performance Academy I (age 6-8)
In this theater focused class we will introduce students to stage direction, acting exercises, improvisation, storytelling, and place/imagination work. 8 weeks. Taught by Shirnest Tolbert.
14821 Thursdays January 18-March 8 5:00-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 85.00 Non-Resident 110.00

Young Actors Performance Academy II (age 9-14)
In this class students learn to apply their technique work (from YAPA I) to a variety of scripts. The final day will be a presentation for parents. Taught by LeeAnna Lambert. 8 weeks.
14822 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 5:00-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 85.00 Non-Resident 110.00


Visual Art for Youth

Abstract Hearts: Canvas Fun (age 7-14)
Paint and abstract Valentine “Heart” themed canvas. Experiment with lines, shapes and colors to create a canvas with a “Picasso Cubist Inspiration” for a starting place. Have fun collaborating with your classmates. Bring a snack as we will take a short break during class. Taught by Stephanie McFerrin. 1 day.
14814 Saturday February 10 10:00am-12:00pm
15423 Saturday February 10 12:30-2:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 20.00 Non-Resident 40.00 Supply Fee: 10.00

Creative Drawing and Painting (age 5-8)
Come Draw, Paint and Create in this fun loving environment. Each lesson is designed to build basic artistic skills that help youth express their inner creativity. Students will learn color theory, shading/value study, line and composition. Four weeks of drawing + four weeks of painting = eight great weeks of art making! Taught by Amy Durant. 8 weeks.
15302 Mondays January 22-March 12 4:45-5:45pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00 Non-Resident 105.00 Supply Fee 10.00

Discover Drawing for Teens (age 12-17)
Learn drawing basics and fundamentals while exploring interesting subject matter. Weekly exercises along with those of longer duration will build skill and confidence level. Supply list is provided at the first class. 8 weeks. Taught by Anita Hunter.
14776 Wednesdays January 17-March 7 6:45-8:45pm
Class Fee: Resident 96.00 Non-Resident 121.00

Drawing and Painting for Middle School (age 9-12)
In this class we will paint one week and draw the next. Lots of different materials will be used. From Realism to Impressionism, the students will learn different techniques! 8 weeks. Taught by Kip Rogers.
14777 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 4:45-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 90.00 Non-Resident 115.00

Exploring Sculpture: 3D Forms & Mixed Media for Teens (age 12-17)
In this sculpture course teens will explore 3D forms and mixed media processes. This class is designed to teach both foundational skills in abstract and representational forms and to introduce experimental and expressive concepts to help teen artists develop their artistic voice. Supply list provided at first class. Taught by Michael Hunter. 7 weeks.
15350 Mondays January 22-March 5 6:45-8:45pm
Class Fee: Resident 105.00 Non-Resident 130.00

Illustration Arts with Heather Lund (age 10-14)
This class will teach illustration techniques meant to define each student as an individual artist, helping them discover, shape and brighten their personal style. There will be a strong focus on sketchbook usage and Subliminal Drawing, a mark form of art. Supply list is provided at the first class. 8 weeks.
14783 Thursdays January 18-March 8 5:00-6:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 96.00 Non-Resident 121.00 Supply Fee: 10.00

Mini Masterpieces (age 5-10) (Formerly Artist Trading Cards)
Students will learn fun and engaging art techniques while making Artist Trading Cards. ATC’s can be kept, traded, or given as gifts and keepsakes. Pick several to frame and showcase around your home. Each student will be provided a binder to keep their growing collection of one-of-a-kind multi-media art. All techniques learned in class are transferable to large scale works should the student decide to make them again at home. Taught by Amy Durant. 8 weeks.
15313 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 5:00-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00 Non-Resident 105.00 Supply Fee: 10.00

My 1st Drawing & Multi-Media Class with Ms. Nelah (age 4-5)
Do you have a preschooler or kindergartner that finds joy in art and would like a chance to learn simple, easy to repeat drawing and multi-media lessons? This class not only includes drawing but introduction to watercolor, oil or chalk pastels, and markers in a multi-media lesson format. Weekly lessons come home ready for posting on the fridge! Fun will be the rule of the day while they work on cognitive and manipulative skills! 8 weeks.
14792 Wednesdays February 7-March 7 3:45-4:45pm
Class Fee: Resident 60.00 Non-Resident 85.00

Let’s Paint! Watercolor & Acrylics (age 5-8)
Express your creativity while you learn acrylic and watercolor techniques in this fun and supportive class. Explore color mixing. Create solid composition. We will use traditional and new techniques to accomplish our creative goals. We are processed oriented and a finished painting will go home each week. 8 Weeks. Taught by Amy Durant.
15349 Tuesdays January 16-March 6 3:45-5:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00 Non-Resident 105.00 Supply Fee 15.00

Water Based Painting for Middle School (age 9-12)
Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in a fun learning environment. Each week a finished painting comes home in this painting step by step class. 8 weeks. Taught by Kip Rogers.
14816 Mondays January 22-March 12 4:45-6:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 90.00 Non-Resident 115.00

Picasso Toddlers Mommy & Me (age 2-3)
We will have lots of fun exploring various mediums from watercolors to clay, printmaking and everything between! We will dance and sing to some fun art songs and play a few art games while creating beautiful artworks along the way! 4 weeks. Taught by Amy Durant.
14810 Wednesdays January 17-February 7 10:00-10:35am
14811 Wednesdays February 21-March 14 10:00-10:35am
Class Fee: Resident 75.00 Non-Resident 100.00 Supply Fee: 12.00

Youth Watercolor/Acrylic Painting (age 6-10)
Come learn to paint in this fun all levels acrylic and watercolor painting class! We will study color mixing, composition, painting techniques, and more in this hands-on process oriented class. Lots of fun and art projects will be made with Ms. Amy at the helm! Taught by Amy Durant. 8 weeks.
14760 Mondays January 22-March 12 3:30-4:45pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00 Non-Resident 105.00 Supply Fee 10.00