Thanks for purchasing the VIW add-on for our Wizarding Academy Weekend event! To purchase the add-on, which includes an additional drink ticket and a keepsake, see the following instructions:

Click here to register. Search the code 6340 to find the Wizarding Academy Weekend: Alumni Reunion option.  Enter attendee information and responding to prompt and waiver questions, and you will be brought to this check-out screen.

Click the plus (+) sign to add the VIW add-on to your ticket cart.


The VIW add-on applies to a singular ticket. If you are purchasing multiple entry tickets, the VIW quantity must be changed to reflect the number of tickets you want to be upgraded. For example, if two entry tickets are purchased, the VIW quantity must also be two for both attendees to receive the upgrade. Adjust the quantity to match the total you prefer, then enter your card information and check out!

If there are any issues or concerns with adding the VIW option, give us a call at (770) 509-2700. Tickets can be purchased over the phone and regular tickets can be upgraded to VIW after purchase if necessary.