Active Net F.A.Q.

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Please review these tips if you are having trouble with your Summer 2016 Online Registration!
If ActiveNet is erroneously charging you a Non-Resident Fee when you know you live in Cobb County please review the following;
  • When entering or updating your street address, do NOT include directional suffixes like SW or NW, and do NOT use any punctuation.

These addresses are correct:

123 Cobb Parkway

123 Cobb Pkwy

These addresses are incorrect:

123 Cobb Parkway NW

123 Cobb Pkwy.

123 Cobb Pkwy. NW

Enter suite or apartment numbers on the second address line.  Residency is determined by your street address, so it’s important to make sure it’s accurate and formatted correctly.  An incorrect street address will result in your account being coded as a non-resident and you will be charged additional non-resident fees.


If you are receiving an error message at check-out that says you must be 13 years of age to continue, please read the following;

• ActiveNet requires you to enter your gender and birth date. These are used to determine qualifying activities, registration fees, and to allow you to pay for activities for yourself and your family. For example: ActiveNet requires someone to be at least 13 years old to pay for any registrations. If you do not enter your birth date you will not be able to pay for another family member’s registration because ActiveNet determines your age to be 0.