Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Registration fees are 100% refundable when the department cancels the activity. A participant wishing to withdraw from a class that has not been cancelled by the department must provide a request at least seven days before the scheduled start of the class. They may receive 100% credit to the family’s account or may request a refund. Within the week prior to the scheduled start of a class refund/credits will not be given except for verified medical/hardship cases. Refunds for payment made by cash or check will be received approximately 2-4 weeks after the refund is requested.  Senior Services Special Events and Trips are non-refundable.


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Pottery for Adults

Beginning and Intermediate Pottery (age 16+)
Beginner and intermediate students alike are welcome to learn and create pottery on the wheel. 8 weeks.
Class Fee: Resident 106.00   Non-Resident 131.00   Supply Fee 25.00
Making Pots with Ann and Renee
10095   Tuesdays   March 21-May 16                  10:30am-12:30pm
Pottery with Renee
10073   Tuesdays   March 21-May 16                  7:00-9:00pm
Pottery with Darra
10122   Wednesdays   March 22-May 17             7:00-9:00pm
Pottery with Renee
10119   Thursdays   March 23-May 18                 7:00-9:00pm

Creative Sculpture (age 18+)
Release your inner artist while learning easy ways to sculpt. We will explore form and function while creating fun and useful clay projects. 8 weeks.
10085   Mondays   March 20-May 15       10:00am-12:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 106.00   Non-Resident  131.00   Supply Fee 25.00

Intermediate Handbuilding Techniques with Darra (age 18+)
Students will be given instruction for handbuilding projects that focus on learning and combining intermediate pottery techniques. This is a high-energy, interactive and hands-on class for students looking to take their clay to the next level. Students will be required to utilize demonstrated techniques and encouraged to explore ways to incorporate these techniques in their own unique way. Intermediate wheel option only available to students with at least 2 wheel classes. 8 weeks.
10091   Wednesdays   March 22-May 17             10:00am-12:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 120.00   Non-Resident 145.00  Supply Fee 32.00


Visual Art for Adults

Beginning Portraiture (age 14+)
This class will give the basics in portrait drawing and figure framing. Shading and likeness will be our focus in portrait. Shading and anatomy will be our figure focus. 8 weeks. Taught by Kip Rogers.
10074   Tuesdays   March 21-May 16      6:30-8:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00   Non-Resident 105.00

Beginning Watercolor (age 16+)
Beginning watercolor students will enjoy individual attention as they study design, color and general watercolor techniques. Instructor will provide plenty of demonstrations and instruction. Supply list online at theartplace.us. 8 wks. Taught by Audrey McSorely.
10072   Wednesdays   March 22– May 17            10:00am-12:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 96.00  Non-Resident 121.00

Creative Digital Photography (age 16+)
This class is designed to take the mystery out of operating all the great features of your digital camera. We will cover basic techniques beyond shooting in the ‘automatic’ mode; lens selection, creative lighting and more. Bring your digital camera (SLR type, advanced point & shoot, or mirrorless/four thirds) and instruction book. 3 weeks. Taught by David Batley.
10082   Wednesdays     March 8-March 22         10:00am-12:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 60.00  Non-Resident 85.00

Discover Drawing for Adults (age 16+)
Learn drawing basics and fundamentals while exploring interesting subject matter. Weekly exercises are sure to build skill and enjoyment of drawing. Taught by Cara Young. Supply list online. 8 weeks.
10086   Tuesdays   March 21-May 16      9:30-11:30am
Class Fee: Resident  96.00  Non-Resident  121.00

Figure Drawing (age 15+)
In this class we will study the figure from photos to the live model. Learning to draw the figure first then moving to the finished work. A model fee of $25 will be divided between students when present). Supply list available online at www.theartplace.us! 8 weeks. Taught by Kip Rogers.
10712  Thursdays    January 12-March 2    1:00-2:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 90.00    Non-Resident 115.00

Glass Elements: Fusing and Slumping (age14+)
Create your own masterpiece with glass fusing and slumping techniques. For those with previous experience who want to make larger more intricate works. Projects ready two weeks after the last class. All Levels welcome. Supply List will be distributed at the first class. 4 weeks. Taught by Teresa Barnes.
Class Fee: Resident 100.00  Non-Resident 125.00
10089   Tuesdays   March 21-April18      10:00am-12:30pm
10090   Tuesdays   April 25-May 16        10:00am-12:30pm

Intermediate Watercolor Painting (age 16+)
Intermediate watercolor students will enjoy the individual attention as they study design, color and general watercolor techniques. 8 weeks. Taught by Karen Bradshaw.
10094   Thursdays   March 23-May 18     10:00am-12:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 150.00   Non-Resident 175.00

Knitting Basics (age 18+)
Whether you’re a beginner starting from scratch or a knitter who wants to revisit knitting basics, this class is for you. Learning how to knit is fun and easy using the English Method of knitting. Coleen Carey-Mitchell will take students step-by-step and explain yarn weights, needle sizes, common abbreviations, simple pattern reading and stitch counting. You will learn 2 cast on methods, the pearl stitch and how to cast off. We will finish projects like the professionals by learning how to weave in ends and join seams. Materials list can be found under the ‘Supply List’ tab. 6 weeks.
12352   Wednesdays   March 22-May 3  2:00-4:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 165.00   Non-Resident 190.00

Metals and Jewelry Workshop (age 16+)
In this 3-hour workshop, an Instructor guides students through the hand-making of a sterling-silver or brass keepsake. Students will learn beginning jewelry design techniques including letter stamping, piercing, sawing, and finishing one custom pendant or keepsake of their choice. For this class, some tools are provided, but students must supply their own materials. A materials list will be provided at registration, along with a list of merchants where the materials may be found. Students should also bring a sketchbook and any ideas (magazine cutouts, internet or reference photos, etc) for inspiration, so start gathering ideas now! After consulting with the instructor, the students will begin their custom piece! Instructor website: NectarJewelry.com. 1 day.
10629   Tuesday    April 11         10:00am-1:00pm
10630   Tuesday    May 2           10:00am-1:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 80.00   Non-Resident 105.00   Supply Fee 15.00

Mosaics with Julie Mazzoni (age 12 +)
Students will work on instructor-provided projects with guidance in cutting and layering techniques with dazzling results! 6 weeks.
10098   Tuesdays    March 21-May 2    6:00-7:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 135.00   Non-Resident 160.00   Supply Fee 20.00

Oil & Acrylics with Kip Rogers (age 14+)
Class is conducted with a studio feel. All levels and intermediate classes are listed below. Supply list online at theartplace.us. 8 weeks.
Class Fee: Resident 96.00  Non-Resident 121.00
10071 Monday  March 20– May 15          10:00am-12:00pm (Beginner)
10093 Monday  March 20-May 15            12:00-2:00pm (Intermediate)
Class Fee: Resident  90.00  Non-Resident 115.00
10069 Monday  March 20-May 15            6:30-8:00pm (All Levels)

Painting with Oil & Acrylics (age 16+)
Whether a beginner or experienced artist come and enjoy painting in a relaxed studio style atmosphere. Instructor may include painting with other materials and textures. Supply list online. Taught by Donna Shiver. 8 weeks.
10116   Thursdays   March 23-May 18     7:00-9:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 96.00   Non-Resident 121.00

Visual Art Studio Time (age 16+)
During this open studio time  (with no instructor) painters may come and paint at your own pace using your own oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, etc. A class monitor will be selected from the group to take roll and keep the room organized, etc. There will not be instruction. (FREE to those currently registered for a Visual Arts Class) 8 weeks.
10120   Thursdays    March 23-May 18 11:00am-3:00pm
Class Fee: Resident 65.00   Non-Resident 90.00

Zentangle® Intermediate/Advanced (Age 14+)
An easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns while increasing focus & creativity, reducing stress and providing artistic satisfaction. PREREQUISITE: Zentangle Workshop for beginners. Taught by Carrie Ott. 7 weeks
10067   Wednesdays    March 29-May 17 10:00am-12:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 105.00   Non-Resident 130.00

Zentangle®  Workshop for Beginners (age 14+)
This class for beginners. An easy- to- learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns while increasing focus & creativity, reducing stress, and providing artistic satisfaction. Taught by Carrie Ott. 1 day.
10601   Wednesday    March 22     10:00am-12:30pm
Class Fee: Resident 35.00   Non-Resident 60.00     Supply Fee: 10.00