Beth Anderson
Creative Dramatics

Teresa Barnes
Glass Fusing and Slumping 

David Batley

Karen Bradshaw
Intermediate Watercolor

Coleen Carey-Mitchell
Creative Sculpture, Knitting

Ayanna Daughtry
Picasso Toddlers Mommy & Me, Picasso’s Apprentice

Aubrey Davis
Clay Creations: Intro to Clay, Clay Experience, Wild on the Wheel

Nelah Gabler
My First Drawing and Multimedia Art 

Michael Hunter
Discover Drawing Teens

Darra Januzzo
Pottery on the Wheel, Handbuilding

Karl Kroeppler
Painting with Oil and Acrylics, Portrait and Figure Drawing, Oil and Acrylics Beginner

LeeAnna Lambert
Young Actors Performance Academy II

Julie Mazzoni

Stephanie McFerrin
Cartoons, Drawing and Painting, Mommy and Me Multi Media Workshops

Camille Morgan
Youth Watercolor/Acrylic Painting, Creative Drawing and Painting, Oil and Acrylic Painting (Intermediate and All Levels)

Bob Petersen
Drawing and Painting for Middle School

Melanie Ponchot
Discover Drawing Adults, Illustration Arts

Nikita Raper
Clay Craze, Mommy & Me Clay Play

Renee Speenburgh
Pottery on the Wheel

Shirnest Tolbert
Young Actors Performance Academy I

Rachel Vanatta
Metals and Jewelry

Ann Wallin
Pottery on the Wheel

Erin Whigham
Intermediate Clay, Art Around the World, Dive Into Drawing

Cara Young
Beginning Watercolor